The Voyage of An Luchog

The Voyage of An LuchogA rich, powerful and unscrupulous banker decides to obtain a priceless painting by foul means and, in so doing, he embarks upon a journey that changes – for the better – his life and the lives of those around him.

Known for his non-fiction titles The Bleedin’ Obvious Way to Improve Quality in Your Business and Saviour of the Free World, Mike Low’s debut novel, The Voyage of An Luchog is a classic fable depicting the transformation of an unscrupulous villain. Inspired by a real work of art and set in a variety of locations, including Bristol, London, and Ireland, this contemporary tale has a local appeal.

The Voyage of An Luchog by Mike Low is published by SilverWood Books, ISBN Number 9781781326565, and is priced at £8.99. It is available for online purchase from the following book retailers:

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