The Jewel in the Crown

This is a story about the life of a factory – the Rolls-Royce Rodney Works in Filton, Bristol – a factory that manufactured metal fabrications for use in Bristol aero engines. The history stretches from the factory’s opening in 1937 until its final closure in 1993. During that time many thousands of workers were employed within its walls. The narrative is one of hard work, endeavour and triumph, especially during World War Two, the Falklands conflict, the Cold War and other times documented herein.

The Rodney Works was always deemed a family business to many of those who were employed there. If you were an employee you were part of that family, as I was, with all the ups and downs that implies. Consequently, there is an amount of humour in the following pages. This is an uplifting tale, which, I believe, demonstrates the maxim ‘Those who work hard, play hard’.

The Jewel in the Crown by Mike Low is published by SilverWood Books, ISBN Number 9781800420199, and is priced at £9.99. It is available for online purchase from the following book retailers:

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