Sandra Eden’s War

Sandra Eden's WarThis is the story of one woman’s involvement in the fight to help free Europe from the oppression of Nazism. Sandra Eden, a British Special Operations Executive (SOE) agent, is parachuted into France just a few weeks before D-Day, 6 June 1944, with the task of helping the French Resistance severely disrupt German troop movements and supply lines in and around the Allied invasion area of Normandy. The story is, of course, fiction, though much of the content is based on research into the actions of various female, and male, SOE agents, who worked in so many extraordinarily courageous and selfless ways to ensure the survival of the continuing freedom that we in the Western world still enjoy today.

The tale is one of incredible bravery and self-sacrifice combined with an insight into the actions of the SOE, the organisation set up by Winston Churchill in 1940 with the direct assignment to ‘set Europe ablaze’ and help shorten the most bloody war in the history of mankind.

The book is dedicated to all those brave and valiant members of the SOE. May their contribution and sacrifice never be forgotten.

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