The Bleedin’ Obvious Way To Improve Quality In Your Business

The Bleedin' Obvious Way To Improve Quality In Your Business I do not know what your occupation might be. You may be a shop worker, a managing director, a machinist, a waiter, employed by the National Health Service, a quality manager or a production worker in industry. However, what I do know is that everything you do matters.

The Bleedin’ Obvious Way To Improve Quality In Your Business is for you because you are interested enough to want to read about quality; you want to improve the standing of the business you are in; you are interested in quality of performance, quality of product and quality of service. This book is designed to give you an easy-to-read guide to the basics of good quality practice. When applied in your business, these basics will lead to improvement. I know this will happen because I have seen it happen throughout my time leading quality improvement in many different businesses around the world. The object of this book is to encourage universal application of the basic, simple and obvious quality practices.

Case Study

Maintenance of inspection standards

A recent visit to a sheet metal fabricator that manufactures metal cabinets showed the importance of ensuring continuity. Many of the cabinets made by this business were painted in the colour demanded by the customer. After painting, cabinets were inspected to ensure the paint finish was of an acceptable standard, with no blemishes, poor paint adherence, scratches or surface irregularities. The paint inspection was performed by a full-time inspector. I was told by the inspector’s supervisor that production decreased when the inspector was on holiday or off with sickness ‘because the painted cabinets would wait for inspection until the inspector returned and was able to inspect them.’ This of course would ensure that a consistent standard of paint finish was maintained.

However, the effects on productivity when the inspector was away did not seem to be considered. I suggested that a visual acceptance standard for paint finishes be compiled, including photographs of acceptable and unacceptable finishes, and, where necessary, physical representations of acceptable paint finishes. This could be done with the inspector’s help. This would then allow other inspectors to carry out the paint inspection role to the same acceptance standard. This was then done. Obvious? Of course! Yet it was only completed when it was pointed out to the business how much it would decrease disruption and interruption of output.

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